Agreement on Cooperation between the Beekeepers and Berry Fruit Producers Signed

Recent Days of Honey in Mostar, beside the venue of announcing the best quality honey in 2017, served also as an opportunity for expansion of cooperation between the beekeepers with other agricultural producers, in this case with berry producers.

Scientific studies show that bees, while flying through different crops, can collect as up as 20 different types of pesticides, thus creating so called “cocktail effect”, resulting in entire honeybee colonies diseased, and in worst cases even extinct.

Agreement on Cooperation, signed by Association of Berry Producers of BiH and FBiH Association of Beekeepers ensures joint work of these two association in the promotion of safe production and healthy products.

This cooperation is planned in many activities, such are exchange of information on the status of beekeeping and berries, joint education, exchange of information on raising the new crops and expansion of bee colonies, technical assistance to beekeepers and berry producers, as well as joint presentations at the fairs and third countries markets.

“We have to be aware that we are all part of the same production system. It is in the best interest of all of us to have safe crops and safe bee colonies,” stated Jasminka Hadziabdic, Chairperson of the Association of Berry Producers in BiH, adding that “this ensures not only safe product, but indicates a deeper understanding of our producers on the production cycle. This Agreement also prevents the use of illegal pesticides.”

This cooperation is especially significant when it comes to an exchange of information on the use of pesticides, with the beekeepers now in the position to receive such info from local beekeepers associations. There is already a legal regulation in force, according to which every use of pesticides has to be announced at least 48 hours in advance, and this Agreement lays down more precise system of informing and takes it to the local level, where its use is the most needed.