Business (B2B) Meeting in Banja Luka

As part of the activities in the sector of business connecting – B2B, more than 30 representatives from 20 companies from southwest Bosnia and Herzegovina have met on 27 October in Banja Luka.

During the meeting, agricultural producers had a chance to directly talk to the representatives of retailers, but also financial institutions, on possible co-operation in introducing the agricultural produce to the wider BiH market, and how to become more attractive for financial institutions.

B2B meeting in Banja Luka was primarily aimed at creating contacts and presenting the offer of agricultural produce to retailers, which would enable their entry to wider BiH market. Direct presentation of products and their quality, combined with the information on the market needs for a certain product will enable the products to find the markets more easily, but will also ensure reliable supply of demanded products for the market.

Agricultural producers had an opportunity to meet the representatives of a very significant financial sector: banks, microcredit organisations, but also insurance companies offering agricultural packages and business advisors. Producers had an opportunity to find out how to establish the business in such manner as to attract investors, as well as how to make a business plan which will ensure sustainability of production.

This system of connecting companies from different sectors, which is still developing within agricultural sectors, is aimed for easy and swift introduction of potential partners and has proved itself to be the best and most direct way of connecting producers with retailers and financial sector.

This B2B meeting was organised as a continuous effort within AgMENTOR Support System to food and agricultural industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina.