Open call for immortelle breeders: CityOS Gro Devices

Open for applications till July 6th, 2018

Since its foundation, INTERA Technological Park has continuously implemented projects whose activities significantly contribute to the improvement of the economic sectors in the region, with a special emphasis on the use of advanced technologies. One of these projects is the AgroTECH project implemented with support of USAID/Sweden FARMA II, and through which the activities of INTERA Technological Park will enable the application of modern technology in the agricultural sector with a special emphasis on breeding.

Breeders face the problem of losing almost half of the seedlings, and in response to this problem there is a need for more precise agriculture and prevention of losses by precise measurement. That is why INTERA TP, in cooperation with CityOS Foundation experts, developed the CityOS Gro device through this project, which was preceded by research and intensive communication with the immortelle breeders. This device lets you easily automate real-time green tracking, from anywhere, on smartphones and PCs, through a web application. Devices placed in greenhouses can track any combination of environmental factors such as soil moisture, temperature and humidity in the air.

As part of the INTERA Project, the following month, ten CityOS Gro devices will be reimbursed for use for seasoning breeders to enable them to achieve better results in greenhouses. All interested greenhouse growers who have greenhouses can apply for registration and meet the following conditions:
- the range of the WIFI network reaches the point where the device will be set up,
- the existence of power source for the device and the RPI screen (2 sockets),
- the ability to protect the device against water activity.

In the case of a larger number of applicants, the selection criteria will be:
- Number of employees,
- land area,
- export.

All interested breeders can sign up via link until Wednesday, July 4, 2018. year after which the mail will be informed about the outcome of the selection process. The installation of the device and the transfer of knowledge about its use will be carried out in the period of 11.7. to 17.7.2018. year in terms agreed with selected breeders. More information is available at