Youth get their first working experience in agricultural sector

Edin Agic - From intern to full-time employee for "Fruit Prom" Koraj

Agricultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is in constant need for young and educated professionals who will innovate, change and adopt modern practices more quickly. With young people from all over the country, we talked about the experience of doing professional practice in local companies and agricultural cooperatives. Our interlocutors are with veterinary or agricultural education background, and after these internships - some got their first job.

We meet with Edin Agic. Edin is a graduated agricultural engineer, and in the framework of support to students and young engineers for carrying out the professional practice implemented with the support of the USAID/Sweden FARMA II, he gained the opportunity to improve and work in the company "Fruit Prom" from Koraj. After implementing the practice, "Fruit Prom" offered Edin a continuation of cooperation and employment. He is just one of many stories about the common benefit that practitioners and participating companies have in these activities. Employers say that it is extremely important to provide opportunities for young people to master occupations for which they already have theoretical knowledge through practice.

"Through my practice, I had the opportunity to work on market research, placement of goods, cooperating with subcontractors, contribute to their education and organize regular measures and activities on agricultural land. With the acquired practice, I passed two additional seminars in Sarajevo and Belgrade on breeding berries. This experience suggests that young people can be the drivers of the introduction of new technologies, practices and standards in BiH agriculture, "added Edin.

USAID/Sweden FARMA II activities are carried out in cooperation with the Center for Economic and Rural Development (CERD) from Laktaši.

"The activity of organizing professional practice for final year students and/or graduated in the field of agriculture and rural development was, in our opinion, one of the most successful activities that we implemented in cooperation with USAID/Sweden FARMA II. First of all, this is an activity that ultimately resulted in several employment of young experts, which is certainly a success in view of the employment trends that are currently current in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the other hand, the activity has contributed to the fact that all practitioners acquire valuable knowledge and skills from specific areas for which they have been educated, and contribute, by their work, dedication and efforts, to the improvement of the business of the host companies and organizers of professional practice. This is a mutually beneficial combination, which in the future will surely ensure better growth and development of the companies of the organizers of the practice, as well as easier employment and work in the profession of young experts ", says Bojan Cikic, Project Coordinator at CERD.

"For young people, who are worthy, honest and eager for knowledge and learning in BiH, we will always find place. Agriculture is a difficult and responsible job, but at the same time one of the most important jobs we can do, "says Armin Terzic, director of Fruit Prom from the beginning of this story. His trust in the new generation proved to be a good and smart 'investment'.