Sweden/USAID FARMA II is a five year, $18 million agricultural and agribusiness development program that builds on the achievements of the previous activities supported by USAID and the Government of Sweden.

Component 1: Strengthened BiH Agricultural POs

Component 1 activities are designed to strengthen the ability of BiH agricultural Producer Organizations (POs) to improve the quality of their products, increase their productive output, achieve international certification for their products and improve their ability to compete in both domestic and international markets.

The activities of this component stretch across four sub-sectors:

  1. Dairy
  2. Poultry
  3. Fruit & Vegetables
  4. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) & Honey

Component 2: Strengthened BiH Regulatory Environment

Component 2 of the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project will focus its efforts on improving the enabling environment for agriculture and agribusiness in BiH, with a particular focus on strengthening the Food Quality Infrastructure in the country. In addition, the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project will put a special emphasis on assisting local Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs) to improve their capabilities and to achieve sustainability within each of the assisted sub-sectors during the project.

Sweden/USAID FARMA II will work with selected BDSPs on what each PO needs to prepare if they want to become eligible for accessing EU structural funds. Furthermore, Sweden/USAID FARMA II will work with farmer associations, POs and municipalities to build their capacities to understand the main EU funding requirements and principles, and provide them with tools to articulate to government the need for reform.

Key activities include:

  • Upgrade Capacity of Food Quality Infrastructure
  • Business Development Service Provider Activities
  • Capacity building related to EU funding requirements and principles

Cross-cutting activities

Cross-cutting activities include:

  • Gender Equality & Empowerment
  • Youth Involvement in Agriculture
  • Access to Finance & Insurance
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Donor & Project Coordination
  • Ownership & Sustainability
  • Radical Transparency

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Sweden/USAID FARMA II team has developed a comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) plan that encompassed all of the project actions that will be undertaken to link USAID and Swedish objectives with the FARMA II activity results. Within the M&E plan, for each FARMA II Activity result, indicators have been identified which will be used for the project to provide the donors with a full report on the achievement of each intended project objective. The indicators are designed to enable the FARMA II team and Sweden/USAID to capture and communicate the major Activity results & impact and to track implementation progress throughout the life of the project.