The Sweden/USAID FARMA II project includes a Grant program to non-profit, for-profit, research, and academic organizations to support innovative ideas and new technologies, analyses, conferences, workshops, publications, research, study tours, training events and seminars.

All grants awarded must contribute directly and substantially to increasing the competitiveness of the agro-food sector, individual agro-food sub-sectors, agro-food enterprise clusters or agro-food value chains, as distinguished from generating financial benefits for a single grant recipient.

The project will award grants that address specific problems and offer practical solutions, encouraging significant cost-share contributions and an analysis of the sustainability of the investment. Grantees must address how they will contribute to project results, and must structure their monitoring & evaluation (M&E) to feed into the FARMA II M&E system.

Grants will be used to catalyze new behaviors and practices and strengthen market linkages. FARMA II will support Producer Organizations to start new innovative value-added production that will improve the economic well-being of value chain participants. Under FARMA II the grant program will expand beyond the list of grantees from FARMA I and at least 50% of the POs and BDSPs receiving grants must be new to the grant program.

Characteristics of Sweden/USAID FARMA II Grants:

  • Results-oriented, Technically sound,Cost-share element
  • Clear relationship between implementation plan tasks, milestones and disbursement, Verifiable results

Requests for Applications