Business type: Producer/Processor

Sector: Fruits and Vegetables


Located at 850 m above sea level, in completely untouched nature, Okus Prirode are processing fresh fruits and vegetables.The Hasanspahić family built the first greenhouse about 15 years ago and planted strawberries on one dunum of land. In the meantime, they have created a real little paradise of domestic production. Due to the high demand for their ajvar, which is the most common product, they decided to expand greenhouse production and today they have 600 square meters of greenhouses. The story of these hardworking people has spread mostly thanks to their desire and perseverance to succeed. Their example has shown for years how it is possible to live very well in the countryside, but it is necessary to make a huge effort.


Balkantina (Sarajevo), Špajz (Sarajevo), Bio Shop (Goražde)