Business type: Producer/Processor

Sector: Medicinal Herbs and Honey


Soaps "SEKA" are the creative work of Mladena, a young mother who explores and preserves a particularly responsible and useful production of homemade soaps. As a result, soaps "Louise" "Marta" and "Filip" were created, based on goat's milk and medicinal herbs of local, organic origin. Milk is given by Draga, Zujka, Belka, Curica and Erika, happy goats from the Sana valley, a river that even the ancient Romans considered healing. Aromatic herbs for soaps grow on the sunny slopes of Kozara, a mountain of heroes with an impressive spirit. Based on simplicity, soaps are intended for everyone who believes in nature and are useful for all skin types.


Krajiška kuća (Banja Luka), TR Zdrave hrane i proizvoda (Prijedor), Eurofan(Prijedor, Novi Grad, Laktaši, Gradiška), online shop and direct order