“Uvac”Rudo, “FANA” Srebrenik, “Voćar” Gornji Rahić, Beekeepers Association “Kadulja” Čitluk, “Broćanska kadulja” Ljubuški, “EIN Natural” Sarajevo, “AIDŽ” Velika Brijesnica, “Elmar Aroma Care” Trebinje,“ Bionatura ” Vareš, and“ Meganatura ” Breza supported the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar

Another Diplomatic Winter Bazaar in Sarajevo is being prepared to raise funds to support associations and initiatives engaged in social protection and education. This year, in coordination with Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, local farmers have decided to join this activity and offer their products at the Bazaar, at the stands of the US Embassy and the Swedish Embassy.

"Agricultural producers and processors from whole BiH have shown their willingness to support charitable initiatives like this, and have donated their products to help fulfill the Bazaar’s goal and help the community through sales. We are extremely proud that from the agro-sector, including small cooperatives and large companies, recognizes the importance of cooperation and support for such initiatives which emphasize the fact that the agricultural sector preserves the values of humanity and charity as fundamental postulates in its work with the wider community,”   Sweden/USAID FARMA II stated.