Success Stories

Success story about the association "Golub" and the Beekeeping Center in Brcko

There is no time for break for Milan Dragicevic from the association "Golub". The association, launched by several enthusiasts in Brčko, has now grown into one of the key organizations for the promotion of rural development, raising awareness of environmental protection and sustainable agriculture.

"The Association was created, primarily as a wish to improve the living conditions in the rural areas of the Brčko District of BiH. Membership of the Association consists not only of agricultural producers, but also of experts from various fields. We already had a number of successful projects in the promotion of tourism, working with the community and we have shown that we can make important breakthroughs for our society," said Dragicevic.

In cooperation with the USAID/Sweden FARMA II project, the association launched the Beekeeping Center in Brcko.

"Soon through the association, we want to register a company in order to be able to expand our business ideas even more and to introduce some preliminary agreements on the export of our products. In our Beekeeping Center in Brčko, hives of all types are produced, in the highest quality and most modern way. Our capacity is about 300 hives at a monthly level, which is not enough if you opt for a higher level of work that anticipates export and wholesale. But we are proud of our current results and I believe that there is room for improvement, "Dragicevic said.

In addition to the hives, in the Beekeeping Center, they produce 'foundations' based to the cold rolling system.

"With this line we have also used sterilized under pressure - thorugh 'autoclave' that no one has done in the Balkans yet. To be noted, the only possible sterilization in autoclave at temperature of 135 degrees Celsius with a pressure of 3.4 bar for 30 minutes guarantees complete sterilization of the wax. We plan to seek partners for the purchase of additional equipment and machinery that will enable us to employ about 15 workers, in order to reach the appropriate quantities for customers abroad," Dragicevic explained.

"The key support from USAID/Sweden FARMA II project was through the purchase of two machines and lines for the production. In addition to this, we have received many good advices and have expanded our knowledge. The message to all current and future producers is never to give up. It is worth trying to improve their work," concluded Dragicevic.