Visit to the company "Bilje i ljekobilje" in Sokolac

USAID BiH Mission Director Peter Duffy and Marie Bergstrom, Director of Cooperation at the Embassy of Sweden, visited the municipality of Sokolac today. On that occasion, they met with Mladen Orašanin, director of the company "Bilje i ljekobilje", and toured the facilities of this company.

Through the activities and support of USAID and the Government of Sweden, company "Bilje i ljekobilje", was able to purchase a distillery, and through education programs encouraged women from the local rural communities to engage in the sustainable collection of mushrooms and medicinal plants, as well as in the cultivation of certain species of plants.

Director Mladen Orašanin spoke about the start of the mushroom picking season, especially the morel and St. George’s mushroom. He also explained the technological process of processing plants in distilleries and kiln, and how his company follows trends in terms of adding value to products, and gradually new crops are being introduced. Last year Bosnia and Herzegovina exported forest mushrooms worth BAM 20 million, and one of the key trends in this sector is adding value by drying and packaging in smaller packages.

Orašanin thanked for the support, announcing the continuation of expansion of the company and processing, and expressed his belief that Sokolac and the region of mount Romanija have the potential for organic production and investment in rural tourism.