Production of indigenous cheeses in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long tradition, and the BiH farmers are its guardians.

Authentic BiH cheese variations are what you get once you merge climate and the vegetation of the specific geographic locations in the mountainous regions of Bosnia or karst fields in Hercegovina, with the cheese production tradition, nurtured and passed from generation to generation.

You can find cheeses in every corner of the country and some of them already bear brands of the cities and the regions they are made in. Such are the famous Travnik and Livno cheeses, known for their specific aromas and special recipes spiced with a few secrets. While those two are now registered brands, others are working to also protect and brand their products.

BiH cheese tour

If you were to take a cheese tour through BiH, this is what it could look like, and it would not cover it all. At 1,200 meters above the sea level, in Kupres Mountain in Central Hercegovina, there are 92 different plants of which 25 are endemic. They all contribute to the quality of the well-known Kupres Milch cheeses.

If you head southwest, you will have the opportunity to try the famous Livno cheese. It is produced according to a century-old recipe brought to BiH by Franciscan monks from Switzerland, and nowadays further perfected and applied by the Puđa family. Livno cheese is one of the highest quality cheeses in BiH, and a century-old tradition makes it autochthonous.

In the western part of BiH, nearby Prijedor, you will meet 100 playful Dutch goats, who give their milk so that the well-known Nana Kaas cheese could be made. Once you are there, you must taste their goat-milk ice cream, which is an exceptional and unique delicacy.

In central Bosnia, there is the family-operated Fojnica Milk dairy. They process milk and produce traditional cheeses and other dairy products according to an authentic recipe.

Moving northeast, Milo Selo Farm near Lukavac, is a place of origin of various products made of goat milk, home-grown vegetables, fruits, and other eco products. The untouched nature of Milo Selo, and the springs located next to the pastures and terrains for various sports activities, are ideal for relaxation and recreation in nature, both for children and adults.

When heading to the southeastern regions, be sure to visit the Perfetto Plus in Nevesinje. There you can spend hours choosing the perfect cheese because they produce more than 20 types of different cheeses, including the traditional Herzegovinian cheese made in a bellow just as the Illyrian shepherds used to make it.

Plaques and medals

Many of the dairies that produce those cheeses regularly win plaques and medals at the international food fairs and festivals which recognize the quality of the BiH cheeses.

If you have not thus far, you should also find out why they deserve those medals, and if you have, you will know why you should enjoy those tastes as often as possible. By consuming local cheeses, we all support our economy and the hard-working farmers who prepare the most tasteful products for our families and keep the cheese-making tradition alive.

All these farmers are part of our “HRANA GURMANA” campaign. Become a part of this gourmet story by learning more about this tasty Sweden/USAID FARMA II project initiative right here.