Success Stories

Sweden/USAID FARMA II supported the work of the Propolis Beekeepers Association in Buzim

Sefket Isakovic is a retiree and beekeeper from Bužim. He has been involved in beekeeping for fifteen years, and in 2009 he brought together beekeepers from the area of this Krajina municipality, with whom he established the Beekeepers Association "Propolis" Buzim.

"We have established an association of 130 members, of which 75 are active in collecting and selling honey and other bee products. The association works on cooperation with agricultural producers to help beekeepers, as well as informing citizens about the importance of bees and bee honey based product", explains Isakovic.

In the forthcoming period, the Propolis Beekeepers Association plans to launch a line for the production additional beekeeping equipment and for the organization of a beekeeping school with the aim of increasing membership and acquiring new knowledge about beekeeping. In addition, they are organizing trainings in cooperation with Sweden/USAID FARMA II project and planning a new participation at the Beekeeping Fair in Belgrade.

"We are grateful for the collaboration with the Sweden/USAID FARMA II. Beekeeping is a sector worth investing in because, it can provide jobs, additional income, but also offer products that can be competitive in the market. The area of Bužim, but also of the entire Una-Sana Canton, is pure nature, and it is time for the community to recognize the potential for healthy food production", concludes Isakovic.