The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in recent weeks has been changing the way of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world, and everyone is facing major challenges. Many small businesses in BiH are struggling with unexpected business difficulties due to a drastic decrease in demand for goods and services.

The gastro-cultural agency “Balkantina” from Sarajevo, has launched a campaign called “Kupuj kod malih” to promote the purchase of local food and handicrafts and help small BiH companies survive the crisis.

As part of that campaign, people are being invited to buy products from small businesses and share their experiences and photos, with the hashtag #KupujKodMalih.

Small business owners are also invited to participate by using the hashtag #KupujKodMalih, on their social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

- These are uncertain times for all of us. It is important that we do everything in our power to support our local businesses and their employees. With the campaign “KupujKodMalih”, we want to motivate the population to help small businesses by buying their products. We are all in this crisis together and only together we can survive it. At this time, it is more important than ever to shop locally and support the community we live in – Balkantina, BiH gourmet shop stated for Fena.

They list 12 Sarajevo businesses that can be supported immediately, and the list will be updated regularly during the campaign. They emphasize the possibility of delivery of purchased products.

Along with Balkantina, BiH gourmet shop, there are Franz & Sophie Organic Tea World, Petrakija wine & life, a wine shop offering BiH wines, cheeses, honey and chocolates; Delicatesa offers home-made, quality, healthy, fresh and organic foods; Choco Val handmade Belgian chocolate made of natural ingredients without artificial flavors.

Also, Kantar Homemade is on the list, a small home craft that produces extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil and gourmet syrups, marmalades and sweet from seasonal fruits; Sherbetlook, natural juices with a BiH tradition flavor; Kuća Zdrave Hrane, shop with BiH products. Dedina Magaza offers meat, milk, pasta, fruit and vegetable products; Špajz is a shop where you can find products from local producers; Falitidaska, Studio 59 has unique handcrafted kitchen boards, and Gelender - Mega Micro Kraft Brewery is on the list as well.

Source: FENA /