Continuation of cooperation with the Food Safety Agency of BiH

The Food Safety Agency of BiH, the USAID/Sweden FARMA II and the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH (VTKBiH) today presented five new guidelines and guidelines for agricultural sector in BiH in the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce. These are documents related to process hygiene and hygiene practices in the poultry sector, honey quality testing, pesticide control and food additive control. They are intended for the relevant institutions in the food safety system in BiH and food business operators.

Director of the Food Safety Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Džemil Hajrić, said that this approach contributes to a safer system in the chain of health food safety control. In the past period, he added, many of their activities were related precisely to the preparation of a new legislative framework, especially regarding amendments to the Rulebook on Microbial Criteria, which were one of the conditions for the export of poultry meat from BiH to the EU. Training sessions for inspection services in BiH as well as for food business operators on procedures for implementing the new legislative framework have also been organized.

"It should be emphasized that now the food safety system does not function only in terms of controlling the final products, but controlling the entire food production process, so that certain deviations, if they can be detected, could be prevented and eliminated in time," said Hajrić.

According  Economic Development Officer of the USAID Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Andrew Boegel, these standards are coming in perfect timing, since BiH has recently received approval for the export of the poultry meat to the EU markets. He pointed out that the guidelines will contribute to strengthening the confidence of consumers in BiH. and the EU markets.

"Four out of five guidelines are the result of joint support from USAID and the Government of Sweden. Two documents related to the export of poultry meat, which is an interesting topic for public and private sector, and the other tworelated to the production of honey and to the control of pesticides in food. Ultimately, what is crucial for these guidelines is that users, or consumers at BiH market knows that their food is safe," Boegel said, adding that the fifth guideline, which deals with the control of food additives, was the result of a partnership between the Czech Development Agency and the Food Safety Agency of BiH.

Tijana Muhamedagic, the secretary of the Food Industry Association in VTKBiH, said that, stated that, in addition to improving the food safety system, these guidelines will also improve the business of BiH companies, and especially exporters.