Good opportunities for environmental protection

CARPO, a reporting and forecasting software, intended for supporting agricultural producers and advisers has been presented in Banja Luka.

Creation of a network of meteorological stations, as well as expert support in the development of the system was done through the partnership of the Agency for Professional Services in Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska, Republic Hydro-Meteorological Institute of Republika Srpska and Public Company "Anti-hail Prevention of Republika Srpska".

"The system uses observations from the network of local agrometeorological stations to create forecasts of pests and diseases for different types of crops grown in the country," it was said during the presentation.

"CARPO ensures timely indications on the need for crop protection, avoiding unnecessary treatments. Program brings the benefits of reducing production risks, savings in protection products and contributing to higher and quality yields. An important result is the reduction of pesticide use and the reduction of environmental damage," the organizers added.

CARPO is used free of charge and can be downloaded through, or directly through Google Play as a mobile application. The president of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Republika Srpska, Stojan Marinković, said that this modern service would be of great help to both farmers and consumers.

"It is a modern approach to agriculture and this service preventively provides producers with information on the current situation and needs for chemical treatment of certain crops. Also, consumers will be able to follow the path of the product from the field to the table with the help of certain internet applications," said Marinković.