The Hrana Gurmana campaign, implemented by the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, takes you today on an amazing color tour of domestically produced natural cosmetics. Along with incredible food, they are the other side of the medal of the BiH's organic agricultural production.

One of the major world trend in recent years is the growing convergence of food and cosmetics in the beauty industry. On one side, we are seeing consumers becoming more discerning in their eating habits as they realize the direct impact of food on their health and appearance. On the other side, we are seeing herbs, fruit, and milk, among others, making their way into cosmetics.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in terms of land and nature. This makes BiH both an important supplier of raw materials for natural cosmetics and a home to many companies that produce them very well. We will introduce some of them.

The Purple Majesty

Under the brand “Ljekobilje”, company Ljbilje from Ljubinje produces and processes medical, aromatic, and spicy herbs. These enchanting plants are harvested in the summery days and then dried, chopped, and distilled with much care and dedication and further processed into incredible cosmetic products. Creams, essential oils, and massage oils based on lavender, heather, and sage will relax, relieve, and calm the body and soul.

Organlook is a cosmetics brand based in Sarajevo, colored by scents of mint, lemon, lavender, and verbena. Their products contain carefully selected essential oils, flower waters, and butter. Obtained through cold pressing of a wide variety of plants and fruits, these ingredients keep their natural healing properties and intense, intoxicating scents. Organlook’s soaps, shampoos, body lotions, creams, and many other products represent a fusion between the knowledge of herbal treasures and creativity.

Gold Colors of Nature

Neven, a cosmetics brand from Rudo, burst onto the beauty scene in 2003. Their specialty is the production of marigold and marigold-based cosmetics. Creams, peeling masks, lip balm, hair tonic, and shampoo are just a part of their wide golden offer, which most gently nourishes your hair and skin. They are not only about the products, they are about a dream of making every face a smiling one.

Another gold-colored and carefully crafted brand designed to nourish your skin and satisfy your senses comes from Trebinje. Hercegovačka radionica Aleksandra Delić is an organic brand inspired by the natural power of the mythical, ancient Mediterranean plant Immortelle. Thanks to its powerful anti-aging effects and the synergy with other highly beneficial natural ingredients, they have created a range of innovative, fresh, and effective handmade products such as serums, creams, and balsams adapted to all skin types.

Black and White Rhapsody

Mladena Stupar is a young mother who wants to share her passion and preserve an artisanal and responsible tradition of soap making. She created a brand Umjetnička radionica SEKA, currently based in Prijedor. Marta, Filip, and Luiz are the first three soaps that come from her workshop. They are made of locally produced organic goat milk and medicinal and aromatic herbs, and coconut oil. The milk comes from happy goats living on the banks of the Sana River, and aromatic and medicinal herbs are picked on the sunny slopes of the nearby Kozara Mountain. Put together and mixed with active carbon, these ingredients do miracles as SEKA soaps start to foam.

With this overview, the Hrana Gurmana campaign invites you to also try the domestically produced natural cosmetics. After so many tasty foods we brought to you, a bit of a beauty treatment might be just what you need to make your day perfect.