Beneficiaries explained the benefits of the USAID/Sweden FARMA II support

USAID BiH Country Mission Director Peter Duffy and Head of the Department for Cooperation at the Swedish Embassy Marie Bergstrom visited Herzegovina region where they had the opportunity to talk with grant beneficiaries “LjBilje” and “Kadulja” from Ljubinje, “Eko sir Pudja” from Livno and “LAG” from Tomislavgrad. Slobodanka from “LjBilje” explained them process of developing cosmetics based on medicinal and aromatic herbs. Beekeepers from “Kadulja” shared their positive experience of networking and greater results in production achieved thanks to the USAID/Sweden FARMA II support in purchasing new machines. Furthermore, in village Letka near Tomislavgrad, they had the opportunity to talk with Patricija, Iva, Petra, Kristina and Marija, high-school students who attend regular practice courses at the beekeepers association “LAG”. Finally, they have visited “Eko sir Pudja”, company that grew from the small cheese producer to one of the most popular food brands in the region.