Between January 30th and February 3rd 2017, USAID/Sweden FARMA II project realized education of employees in public institutions on the process of improving the status of production facilities in the poultry industry.

This training was attended by employees of the RS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - Veterinary Department, and the entity and municipal level inspectors.

Training objectives are grouped into two categories:

  • Categorization of facilities in order to evaluate the level of compliance of structural and hygienic conditions in accordance with the EU requirements, and
  • Improvements in facilities whose structure is not harmonized with the EU requirements, in order to achieve a high level of human health protection. In addition, the aim of this activity was to ensure implementation of hygiene standards in terms of safety and quality, to meet the general requirements of food hygiene and the special requirements relating to food of animal origin, and to ensure the application of the principle of flexibility.

Participants were introduced with practices implemented in the neighboring countries (mainly in Serbia), and are related to:

  • granting facilities for the production of food of animal origin in accordance with the requirements of the EU and other markets,
  • the integration process,
  • harmonization of national legislation with the EU legislation,
  • establishing a system of control that is equivalent to the EU,
  • improving veterinary services,
  • the creation method of national strategies and programs to improve facilities in which food of animal origin has been processed, and
  • preservation of traditional methods of production of small producers.