The Sweden/USAID FARMA II project supported the launching of the KoKoDa BiH Facebook page that will promote the advantages of a healthy diet and the consumption of domestically produced poultry products.

SARAJEVO, December 29, 2020 – The BiH Poultry Coordination Body today launched the KoKoDa BiH Facebook page. The page will promote poultry products and their health benefits, it will bust the most common myths and promote the consumption of domestic poultry products and the importance of the sector for the BiH economy.

While the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project helped develop the concept for the page, its logo, and visual identity, the members of the coordination body including, Agreks, Agromix, Akova, Bingo, Farmofit, Iradia, Madi, and Perutnina Ptuj will jointly manage the KoKoDa BiH page.

"The poultry sector is the most competitive one in domestic agriculture. It is also one of the fastest-growing sectors in agriculture in the EU," said Nebojša Rakić, Secretary of the BiH Poultry Coordination Body.

"It is very important for the consumers in BiH, but also in the region, to know that our poultry producers uphold the highest production standards that allowed for our products to be exported to the EU. They also need to know that the domestic poultry products are healthy and good for them and their families and that by consuming domestic poultry products they are helping sustain 20,000 jobs in the sector and its further development," he added.

The KoKoDa BiH Facebook page will target parents with underage children, people with a rapid lifestyle and those with healthy habits, physically active people looking for a protein-rich diet, and consumers looking for food with low content of fat and cholesterol.

“We understand that we need to do more to properly communicate both the benefits of poultry products and the importance of domestic poultry production for the economy. We hope that this Facebook page will open one more communication channel with our consumers in BiH and the region and that it will contribute to the image of the BiH poultry products which are of the highest quality,” said Rakić.

The FARMA II project supports the development of the poultry sector. To date, it assisted 190 agricultural producer organizations from the sector and supported investments in the expansion of the production capacities, modernization of equipment, quality control, and energy efficiency.