Success Stories

Find out more about the work and results of “Greens” and their cooperation with Sweden/USAID FARMA II project

Smajo, Amerita and Kerim welcomed us at Sarajevo Holiday Market. They are participating in the promotion of organic agricultural production developed by “Greens” and launched through the program ProReha of the Center for Training, Retraining and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities. The project successfully includes people with disabilities in agricultural work processes. This team of young people is determined to work to secure employment, and their focus is on growing micro-vegetables and spice herbs, which is mainly used for salads and as condiments.

"We produce condiments and spices and right now it is time for Christmas as well. We have a greenhouse in Hotonj where we work throughout the season and we were able to start selling our products in Mercator. In the next phase we will work more intensively on dried vegetables, spices and medicinal plants, and new dry kiln would be of great help to us. What is most important is that we do useful work and are together in business. We help new beneficiaries. I normally work in planting and maintenance, and today we are in charge of promotion and sales,” explains Kerim Mašala, an employee and participant in the “Greens” program.

“Greens” has a glasshouse of 25-square-meters and a 150-square-meters greenhouse, as well as space for year-round micro-vegetable growing.

“You can find our products in major shopping malls and we also work directly with chefs and caterers who recognize the importance and quality of fresh micro-vegetables and spices. It is easy to find us, by our name “Greens,” which is a result of a desire and idea of our team,” concludes Mašala.

In cooperation with Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, “Greens” presented its products at the Sarajevo Holiday Market.