Representatives of Sweden/USAID FARMA II project attended the opening

Today, the RS Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Boris Pasalic, and Mayor of Han Pijesak, Mr. Vlado Ostojic, together with Sweden/USAID FARMA II Chief of Part, Mr. Bill Mays, opened the House of Romanija skim cream – skorup. This is the result of joint efforts by the local community to empower women involved in skim cream production based on original and traditional recipes, and to protect this valuable indigenous product.

"There is interest from abroad as well as willingness to support these activities. This product is protected, and opening of the House is just the beginning. The first step was made, now it is necessary to ensure the purchase of refrigerated showcases, and everything else that the process of production and sale of Romanija skim cream - skorup requires. We will be here to support this important example of development and important organization of women in the rural community. We invite everyone to contribute to the development of this initiative,” said Minister Pasalic.

“Han Pijesak Municipality supported this project. This facility will focus on the sale of a specific product, the Romanija skim cream - skorup. It is not a product for industrial production, but something specific for this region. Through this, we want to support and enable the development of a brand that is tied to the plateau of Romanija, and which is special. We invite everyone to visit us, to visit our region and recognize the value of these activities," said Mayor Ostojic.

The Sweden/USAID FARMA II project supported product development, through branding and development assistance, and its promotion. Chief of Party, Mr. Bill Mays emphasized the importance of such activities, primarily because of the need to support rural development, but also to empower women in agricultural development. The project of the engagement of women in the production of Romanija skim cream - skorup includes 24 households and women members from the municipalities Han Pijesak, Rogatica and Sokolac.