Generate additional income by collecting medicinal and aromatic herbs, mushrooms, and forest fruits.

Sweden/USAID FARMA II is currently printing a “Manual on Collection of Medicinal Herbs and Mushrooms in Bosnia and Herzegovina", which will be distributed to companies and collectors, upon request.

As the project wants to encourage all those who have not yet been involved in the collection of medicinal and aromatic herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits, to engage in these seasonal jobs, and generate additional income for their families, a small survey is being conducted among producers/processors, to determine the planned purchase quantities for this year, as well as to asses the need for the new collectors of herbs, mushrooms, and forest fruits.

Based on the acquired results, the project will be able to plan its activities aimed at motivating people to become the new collectors, and to organize training courses, when and where necessary.

Note: All of the received answers will be used solely as indicators for the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, to help it focus its support activities on companies that need them the most.

All those interested in participating in the survey are kindly asked to take a few minutes by the end of the week, and fill out a short questionnaire at the following link: