The Hrana Gurmana web platform connects local food producers, stores, and restaurants with their immediate consumers in BiH.

SARAJEVO, February 9, 2021 - Implemented by the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, the Hrana Gurmana campaign launched today the website. As an additional communications channel, the website now completes the campaign's online presence, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The Hrana Gurmana website will further contribute to the promotion of small producers of high-quality food from the fruit and vegetables, dairy, poultry, honey, medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruit, and mushroom sectors. It is designed as an online hub that connects food producers, consumers, and other partners in a collective farm-to-fork chain.  Therefore, the website also features specialized retail shops and restaurants which base their offer on BiH products.

The website includes a Business Catalog and the Hrana Gurmana Online Map that in a click or two provide information about businesses and their high-quality food products, locations at which one can buy or order them from, including specialized stores and restaurants.

"We are glad to be part of this campaign. Customers can now easily find us with the help of the Business Catalog and the online map. The Hrana Gurmana website should improve our visibility and make it easier to find our products", says Ljilja Miličević from Oliva, an olive oil producer from Čapljina.

Thus far, the campaign has supported 139 producers of high-quality food, 20 shops, and 23 restaurants.  As of January 2021, the online map has recorded almost 10,000 views. The campaign also produced a series of promotional videos, which were viewed over 63,000 times.

The campaign will continue to promote small businesses and highlight the importance of buying domestic food as an important factor of economic recovery in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its local communities. It invites everyone to either visit the Hrana Gurmana website or show-up at the doors of any local producer, store, or restaurant that uses BiH products in its cuisine.