USAID/Sweden FARMA II supported promotion of domestic producers in "Bingo"

This Saturday "Bingo" retail center in Mostar hsoted joint presentation of domestic producers of cheese, honey, cosmetics, medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by by USAID/Sweden FARMA II.

"Our project continues with the support of domestic producers, and it is extremely important that such events remain regulr activities. After Mostar and Trebinje, the next meeting point is Bihac. The network of companies, associations and cooperatives taking part in these activities is growing on a daily basis, and we are proud of cooperation" stated from the USAID/Sweden FARMA II.

"Bingo has recognized the significance of the project and we are pleased to support it, as the strengthening of the domestic economy is also the mission of this company. Most of the producers who present themselves as part of the project are already Bingo partners, and those who are not, certainly, are free to submit bids of its products," said Tatjana Paunoski from the Bingo retail chain.

Participants included Pađeni, Eko-sir Puđa, Promilk, 'Orman Farmersko blago', Faveda, BH TREASURES, Ekolife, Ecoline, Halilović, Udruženje žena 'Most', Vextra, Farmavit, UP Matica i UP Vrijesak. Domestic producers have clearly stated that it is extremely important to continue to work together to reduce trade deficit and increase the purchase of domestic products.