USAID/Sweden FARMA II supported the organization of the event

"Tropic Center" in Banja Luka hosted the presentation of  cheese dairies: "Mons Produkt" Teslić (goat cheese), ZZ Livač - Marija Zvijezda with famous Trappist cheese, Sirana Milanković from Prnjavor with cow slice cheese, and "RadexComerc" from Kneževo with Vlasić cheese. This event was supported by USAID/Sweden FARMA II project, which supports, among other things, greater involvement of agricultural producers the domestic market. “Tropic Center” Banja Luka was chosen as the host of yesterday's promotion, since it is a local retailer which supports local producers and helps them to place products through their retail network and reach as many customers as possible.

“According to a survey conducted by USAID/Sweden FARMA II, nine out of ten Banja Luka citizens have not tasted cheese with honey, and only few have tried other combinations common in Western Europe and the world. This was one of the reasons for presenting new cheese combinations during these holidays,” said the USAID/Sweden FARMA II.

Citizens of Banja Luka had the opportunity to try goat cheese, cheese with beetroot, rucola and honey, cow slice cheese with quince sweet and almond, rolled Vlasić cheese and peanut, Trappist cheese with fig jam and crackers, and to hear about other interesting combinations. The included well-known Banja Luka chefs Suzana Kojić and Boris Stupar, who say: “We support this idea and invite citizens to surprise their palates and try top-quality home-made cheeses in some new combinations. The cheese goes well with many sweet ingredients, but many have not tried it.”