Second session: Thursday, June 4, 2020, 11:00 - 13:00


Are you up to date? The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic is also felt here, in our country. Most people avoid large gatherings and buyers are mostly at home. What are the consequences of the crisis and how will they affect your marketing?

Although it may seem to you that the world has stopped and went silent - that is not the case. Stop, listen to all the available channels and act - now. Think ahead. Think about how to maintain the strong perception in the customer's mind, how to maintain your presence, and how to stay in contact with your customers during and after the pandemic. Today, everyone is online. Therefore, your business doesn't have to be an exception.

Participate in our workshop and find answers to these and similar questions! After the workshop, we can provide free marketing services to a certain number of organizations in order to help them in this challenging period.

Sweden/USAID FARMA II is organizing a webinar/workshop on "Marketing and Covid-19: How to Find Sustainable Solutions?”, which will help interested organizations to become recognizable and different from the competition, even in the time of coronavirus. Two workshop sessions are planned:

  • May 28 (Thursday), 11 – 13h (registration is open until May 27 at 16h)
  • June 4 (Thursday), 11 – 13h (registration is open until June 3 at 16h)

The focus will be on finding constructive marketing solutions in the time (and after) of coronavirus. The lecturer will be Mr. Armin Alijagić, consultant of the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project. The workshop is open to organizations from the agricultural sector and is free of charge.

Participants will be present through video and audio connection, and will be able to ask direct questions during the workshop. If you are interested, register your participation for one of the planned dates via the following link:

Hurry up with the application - the number of participants is limited!

After registration you will receive a link for the workshop access.