Success Stories

Company “Zlatni med” received development support through the Sweden/USAID FARMA II grants program, and employment of persons with disabilities was implemented through the programs of the Fund for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Sumeja Ćoralić is 24 years director of the company “Zlatni med”. She has been with the company from the beginning, and today is an example of a young female entrepreneur in Sanski Most who proves that this city still has a chance to provide opportunities and future for generations to come. The company's journey has been difficult, but today they are proud of their products and large number of people they engage in their activities.

“Today we have 52 employees in the company, many of whom work in the field as sales representatives. We are engaged in the purchase and processing of honey, and distribution of beekeeping equipment. We have a sale point in Sarajevo, and we are also focused on the local community. We are particularly proud of the fact that we engage a large number of people with disabilities. They are hardworking people who are willing to learn, and at the same time they are facing the challenges of being in a difficult situation and facing discrimination in a society where they have no opportunity to show their knowledge. Each day you can learn something from them, and I as a young person in this business strive to listen workers and always learn something new about the job we do. We have been able to employ them through the Fund for the Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, which has always been there to support us and encourage greater inclusion of persons with disabilities,” Sumeja adds.

Honey from Sanski Most, under the brand name "Zlatni med", has found its place in numerous hotels and restaurants.

“We buy and pack honey. Currently we have eight to nine types of honey in continuous processing. Chestnut honey from this area, as well as honeydew honey, are particularly recognized. There are other types of honey, such as meadow honey, and we often "jump out" of these common products, we make creams and similar products. All this takes time but the market appreciates us and recognizes our innovation. We have developed gift packages that are combination of products, which are often requested by different companies, institutions, and organizations for distribution at certain events or on significant dates and anniversaries,” Sumeja notes.

With the support of Sweden/USAID FARMA II “Zlatni med” introduced HACCP and Halal standards and purchased new packaging machines as well.

“Support that FARMA II project provides for the beekeeping sector, as well as to companies involved in the processing and production of honey and other bee products is significant since producers face many challenges. It will take time to make local honey recognizable and for the local buyer to choose quality honey instead of numerous cheaper imported honeys.

“Also, the challenge will be to strengthen the exports. We have licenses for third countries while exports to the EU is a somewhat more difficult issue. But in terms of production, sales, investment, and of course employment, it is a matter of time before we become recognized as a company, and we also want that recognition under a wider brand and image that honey from Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves to have. On that road we will need all the support we can get to be able to show that hard work and persistent quality are worth the effort,” Ćoralić concludes.