Marking International Day of Rural Women and presenting Sweden/USAID FARMA II activities related to supporting women's participation in agricultural development

At the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women US Ambassador Eric Nelson visited BIOS Visoko, in Gornja Vratnica village, to get acquainted with the work of this cooperative, investment in innovation, and the advancement of BiH agriculture, and to learn more about strengthening the role women in rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One in four women in BiH are employed in the agricultural sector. Over 60 percent of the BiH population lives in villages and small communities where agriculture is the backbone of development. Therefore, within the framework of support provided by USAID in cooperation with the Government of Sweden, through the Fostering Agricultural Markets Activity II (FARMA II), one of the priorities is greater involvement of women in education and training, and strengthening their capacity to manage companies and cooperatives in the agricultural sector.

On this occasion, the Ambassador met with Ms. Elvira Kadrić, director of BIOS Visoko, who presented various activities of this cooperative that gathers over 800 members, of which 50 percent are women. Also, the meeting was an opportunity to exchange information and experiences related to support received through the FARMA II towards greater involvement of women in the agricultural sector.