In March, USAID/Sweden FARMA II project has continued with the technical support to the State Veterinary Office in preparation for the arrival of the Food and Veterinary Organization (FVO Dublin) Mission.

In preparation for this audit USAID/Sweden FARMA II brought two Slovenian dairy consultants into BiH during February to conduct a mock inspection of dairy plants and dairy regulations. The consultants found that dairy processing plants are prepared to fulfill the requirements of the audit, but that the regulatory environment still needs some work.

The mission came to audit compliance with the requirements for the export of milk to the EU as BiH was put in 2015 on the list for export heat-treated milk. The support in March was related to the preparation for the EU FVO audit. Preliminary report received from the EU FVO added 4 new dairies to the list of BIH approved exporters of heat-treated milk. However, the full report will include corrective measures that BiH need to address in the coming months.