Cooperation with the local community and opportunities for supporting small producers from the Sarajevo-Romanija region

East Sarajevo (Lukavica) hosted another promotion of local agricultural associations and producers in retail center "Bingo". This event was also an opportunity to talk about posibilities for networking and cooperation in the local community, also the new tools offered for access to markets. This initiative was supported by the USAID/Sweden FARMA II. That networking and joint approach may bring success in this sector is confirmed by Slobodanka Veselinovic, one of participants.

"The association has fifty members, we produce fruits and vegetables in Vojkovici. We work together and it brings results," Slobodanka explains, who took part in today's promotion with women's association "Probudi se".

"City Market Pale is here today with several producers and sellers. We are working to connect and network across the region, in Pale we recently had night markets visited by consumers from both Sarajevo and Lukavica. This is a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to potential buyers, "said Ubavka Trifkovic, who today promoted natural soaps and cosmetics.

In addition to these two organizations, the promotion included the Association "Roman skorup kajmak", the Agricultural Cooperative "Uvac-Rudo", the Association "ŽIR", the Association of Business Women of BiH "BH Treasures" and the independent agricultural producers Dragica Kapuran and Branka Davidović.

"I have plantations in Miljevina and Pale. Due to shifts in price of raspberry, we started production of jams and juices. We work with apple, plum, strawberry, raspberry juice. It is not easy to find funds for the purchase of machines, and every new investment is a challenge. What's important is that our customers recognize our organic products, and that they know the exact way from the point we plant raspberry to the moment you find it on your table. And I think that's the most important way to gain customer confidence in our midst, "Branka said.

"We would like to thank the Regional Advisory Service Sokolac and partners from the local communities of the Sarajevo-Romanija region in support of this great response of local producers. It is extremely important that consumers recognize the importance of giving opportunities to domestic products, and to learn more about local agricultural initiatives that offer their products and look for their share in markets", stated representatives of USAID/Sweden FARMA II.