Participation is free, prior registration is not required

Sweden/USAID FARMA II project invites interested dairy farmers to participate in a training program on "Nutrition of Milk Cows". This program aims to improve the practice of milk producers regarding the nutrition of milk cows in order to increase the quantity and quality of milk produced.

"The lectures will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Darko Grbeša, an eminent expert in this area, and in the introductory part of the lecture we will present the current and planned activities of the project, and explain what kind of support Sweden/USAID FARMA II provides in the field", said Sweden/USAID FARMA II project.

Lectures will be held in Gračanica (Nov 18, 11: 00h; Osman-kapetanova medresa), Gradačac (Nov 19, 11: 00h, Skenderija), Živinice (Nov 20, 10: 00h, Big City Hall), Tuzla (Nov 20, 13: 00h, Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla) and Kalesija (Nov 21, 11: 00h, BKC "Alija Izetbegović").

"In addition to these lectures, a meeting and discussion on the topic of "Impact of milk production on climate changes" with students of the Faculty of Technology Tuzla is also planned. On this occasion, the exspert will visit Spreča Farm in Kalesija, as well as goat farm Milo Selo near Lukavac. Partners in organization of these lectures are dairies, cooperatives, and municipal and city departments in the Tuzla Canton. For any additional information you can contact us at”, Sweden/USAID FARMA II project said.