Today, a mini-fair of 11 companies and cooperatives working with women in rural communities across the country in the agricultural sector took place in Sarajevo. The event was organized by the Sweden/USAID FARMA II.

FARMA II, the project supported jointly by the Government of Sweden and the USAID, focused on fostering agricultural markets activity, today organized a mini-fair to mark the International Day of Rural Women. The fair was attended by 11 exhibitors, representing MAP, fruits and vegetables, dairy and honey products. This event was an opportunity to highlight the progress made in supporting greater participation of women in rural development. Rural communities make up about 60% of BiH's total population, with one in four women employed in agriculture. Therefore, programs that empower their participation, education and new opportunities to grow their own businesses remains crucial for further rural and agricultural development. Women make up a third of the beneficiaries of the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project activities, and this project has already implemented specific grant programs that focused on empowering women in agriculture. Torgny Svenungsson, on behalf of the Embassy of Sweden, and Kent Larson, on behalf of the USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcomed participants and guests from both public and private sector. Happy International Day of Rural Women!