Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Fruit Producers are the Top Innovators and True Gourmets

The natural wealth and beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina amaze many people, locals, and tourists alike.  However, we are still not aware of the number of quality fruit products created thanks to these natural resources, and the creativity of the real gourmets. The "Hrana Gurmana" campaign, implemented by the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, will introduce you today to several producers that are making completely new sweet creations.

Okus prirode - Mulberry Sweets (Slatko od duda)

In the middle of the untouched nature, in a small village Vladačići, near Goražde, 15 years ago, the Okus Prirode was created. The Hasanspahić family made a real paradise of domestic production, all while using the highest quality fruits. To take us back to childhood, they packed perfect snacks of mulberry sweet in small jars. These jars store the most playful and carefree moments of our lives.

Nar Hercegovac - Wild Pomegranate Jam

About two hundred kilometers away from Okus Prirode, in the city of Trebinje, the Dabić family decided to take advantage of the high temperatures of Eastern Herzegovina. They created a red elixir of health using only the finest pomegranate berries harvested in the orchards of the Neretva Valley. That is how the Nar Hercegovac was created. Nar Hercegovac is the only producer of wild pomegranate jam in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They produce juice and jam exclusively from wild pomegranate berries, while the peel is used to create a tea elixir.

Vlačić - Fig Leaf Flour

The same potential of Herzegovina was recognized by the Vlačić family, also from Trebinje.  They planted the first fig seedlings twelve years ago, and today they have various fig products in their offering. They say that the Japanese inspired them to create a completely new product, fig leaf flour, which has many health benefits. They grow seven indigenous species of figs with different ripening times, which is why the harvest lasts from the beginning of summer to the fall. They are producing flour from fig leaves, and in addition to flour, they also make fig leaf tea, jam with figs and walnuts, and chocolate figs.

Zadruga Hercegovka (Hercegovka Cooperative) - Peach and Lavender Jam, Strawberries and Mint Jam

The proof that women always stick together is the Hercegovka Cooperative. Women farmers from the vicinity of Stolac came together to produce and promote Herzegovinian products. They created new jams through an innovative combination of flavors like never seen before. They combined lavender with peach and apricot, and strawberry with mint, thus connecting modern flavors with the traditional ingredients of Herzegovina. This created a completely new aromas one must try.

Regius - Smokvenjak

Once you find yourself in beautiful Herzegovina, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Regius production, located in Čapljina, which is only 26 kilometers away from Stolac. They are known for their health energy bars named “Smokvenjak" which are made of a mixture of figs, almonds, walnuts, raisins, and honey. Can you imagine how many nutritional values can fit into one such bar?

Budi Zdrav kao Dren - Whipped Dogwood Jam

There is a hundred-year-old tradition of growing and processing the finest dogwood products in Drvar, and the Sabljić family decided to preserve it. The whipped dogwood jam is not cooked but mixed by hand for up to five hours, so it is quite clear how much effort and work is behind just one tablespoon of this red treasure. Therefore, with all its benefits, amazing taste, and beautiful looks, this red vitamin berry should be an absolute part of every gourmet plate.

In this gourmet story, we have mentioned several interesting inventions by our domestic producers. We are sure that in every BiH town and city, there are at least a few producers who create new flavors and thus enrich top BiH cuisine. Let these producers and their home-made delicacies always be our first choice, our Gourmet Food.