The fragrance of flowers awakens our sense of smell since the beginning of the time, and thanks to our producers, we can now taste those beautiful floral notes.

Be it floral juices, jams, or edible flowers, those amazing products enhance our senses of smell and taste and fit perfectly into the Hrana Gurmana campaign. Implemented by the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, the campaign today brings you a gourmet tour of four flowery products and their producers.

Rose petals jam

Our tour starts in Sarajevo. From several traditional seedlings of Rosa Damascena, which were almost forgotten in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vedad Njemčević developed the whole plantation. Today there are so many roses that Vedad must pick their petals almost every day. The roses are harvested by hand in the early morning hours before the dew evaporates. These most aromatic petals are then turned into a most fragrant delicacy, the rose petals jam. Just one spoonful of this floral joy will brighten up your every meal, and you every day.

Edible flowers

Only several kilometers away, in Vogošća, a passion that dates back to the Victorian era has been revived. Edible flowers, not only give a special dimension to the appearance of food but also contribute to its taste. Greens from Vogošća, are the first to start growing organic edible flowers in BiH and are already recognized for it. With a unique taste, delicate aroma, and interesting texture, flowers and petals coming from Greens will give an aesthetic charm to any table. What gives their products an even greater value is that they included people with special need in the production process.

Lavender juice

Moving along the same road and in the same direction, we come to Visoko. That is where Nejra L. Salkić brought a touch of the Mediterranean into a family garden, and with time it turned into a lush lavender field. The beautiful color and scent inspired the Salkić family to make a delicious refreshment, the lavender juice. As the harvest time gathers the whole family in this fragrant oasis, the joy of harvesting becomes even greater, and their Sherbetlook products even tastier. Sherbetlook lavender juice will refresh you on the warm summer days, but also amaze you with its rich soothing aroma.


Taking a slightly longer ride, going west, we reach Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje. There we were told not to ask how many roses are needed to make the perfect rose water, but how many does it take to create a real flower valley? The Hadžijusufović family needed only one. It arrived at their house from distant Syria, a hundred years ago. That one rose became an inspiration for the creation of a whole plantation and Rose 4E&S1 brand. Recognizing the healing properties of the rose’s velvet petals, they created multi-purpose rose water, which nourishes the entire body, both inside and out.

Now you know where you can look for the most beautiful floral delicacies, without even taking a step outside of our beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. What is less known is that flowers are rich in nutrients, and that lavender and rose petals contain different kinds of vitamins. This is more of a reason to try these fragrant products, and become part of the Hrana Gurmana experience.