The Association of Producers of Romanija Skorup Kajmak, with the support of the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, initiated the “Days of Kajmak” in Han Pijesak that will promote local dairy producers and the tradition of Skorup Kajmak production.

HAN PIJESAK, September 17, 2020 - The Association of Producers of Romanija Skorup Kajmak (traditional smoked cream cheese) held today in Han Pijesak the first “Days of Kajmak”. The “Days of Kajmak” should become an annual event set to promote local dairy producers from Han Pijesak, Rogatica, Sokolac, and surrounding towns and villages, and the tradition of the Skorup Kajmak.

The association registered the name and Romanija Skorup Kajmak as a product with a protected geographic origin in 2017. The Sweden/USAID FARMA II project supported the association in conducting product testing in certified laboratories and has supplied the vacuum packaging machine and the refrigerated showcase to enable sales of their products at the municipality supported, Romanija Skorup Kajmak House, in Han Pijesak and into retail shops and supermarkets.

“This is an important event for us,” said Nada Maksimović, President of the Association of Producers of Romanija Skorup Kajmak. “We have worked for years to turn the Romanijski Skorup Kajmak into a recognizable brand and now it is happening. Our association has 24 female members, and our livelihoods are based on the production of Skorup Kajmak and other dairy products. Finally being able to package it properly and start selling in shops and restaurants means a lot to all our members and the communities they come from.”

Members of the Association of Producers of Romanijski Skorup Kajmak come from Han Pijesak, Rogatica, and Sokolac municipalities. Thus far they were able to produce and sell 3,000 kilos of cream cheese a year. The FARMA II provided support should enable them to double the production and start buying milk from other farmers in the process.

“Romanija Skorup Kajmak is part of our tradition,” said Vlado Ostojić, Mayor of Han Pijesak. “Dairy farming is deeply rooted in the Romanija region and it is a source of income for many families. We are happy to have been able to support the opening of the House of Romanija Skorup Kajmak together with the RS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management. Now with the equipment provided by the FARMA II project, we are completing that initiative. However, more work is ahead of us in making this autochthonous product available throughout BiH."

The Sweden/USAID FARMA II project supports the development of five sectors of agriculture in BiH, including dairy, poultry, fruit and vegetables, honey, and medicinal and aromatic plants. It is helping agricultural producers to improve the quality of their products and to increase production with a view to exporting to the EU and other international markets. It is also helping relevant institutions in BiH to align the country's agriculture regulatory framework with the EU acquis.