The Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH together with the USAID/Sweden FARMA II project held presentation on exports in the sectors of honey and medicinal plants

Last year, in the sector of medicinal plants, forest fruits and honey, Bosnia and Herzegovina exported products worth BAM 39 mil, while imports amounted BAM 17 mil and is 55 percent higher than in 2017.

USAID/Sweden FARMA II Deputy Chief of Party, Feđa Begović, presented data at today’s presentation of the Exchange Analysis for 2018 – sector of medicinal herbs, forest fruits and honey. He emphasized that the coverage of imports by exports remains at a high 235 percent, meaning that BAM 2.35 is exported to BAM 1 of the import.

“The trade structure on both sides is dominated by forest mushrooms, which we exported last year in the amount of BAM 20.5 million. We mostly export dried mushrooms, BAM 11.3 million, fresh mushrooms, BAM 6 million, and frozen ones, BAM 3 million,” Begović said, adding that the key markets are the EU countries, dominated by Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

According to him, a reason to worry is the increase in mushroom imports, which jumped by 367 percent, from BAM 2.1 to 7.7 million last year, which had a negative impact on the entire sector.

“The second most important category in export is essential oils. Last year we exported essential oils in the amount of BAM 7.2 million. This is 26 percent less than in 2017, which was influenced by the decrease in the price of the immortelle oil, which is the most important export item in this category,” said Mirko Bošković, representative of the FTC BiH.

Despite this decrease, he pointed out that essential oil exporters have placed their products to 35 markets worldwide through exhibitions at international fairs. Also, the Analysis showed that 30.5 kilograms of honey are imported over 1 kilogram of exported honey. Thanks to the export to the Middle East countries, the average price of BAM 18.58 was reached for export honey, while an average of BAM 7.43 is paid per kilogram of imported honey, mainly from Serbia and Croatia.