Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long tradition of beekeeping and amazing beekeepers whose work stands out. Their story deserves endless lines of text, but today, the Hrana Gurmana campaign, implemented by the Sweden/USAID FARMA II project, highlights only several interesting stories of BiH beekeepers.

The work of the beekeepers is very dynamic and changes daily depending on the needs of the bees. Though honey is the primary beekeeping product, BiH beekeepers have taken their work several steps forward and now bring us bee products and honey mixtures that will leave many speechless. 

Api-Inhal Center

Many people do not know that beehive aerosol is good for our health. Thanks to the Tatarević Bee Farm located in Barevo polje near Jajce, we can now enjoy beehive aerosol in the comfort of six wooden houses, i.e. the apitherapy chambers, at their newly opened "Api-Inhal Center". The apitherapy boosts immunity, heals various conditions and diseases, and generally improves health. The broader therapy also includes honey, propolis, and royal jelly, and the Tatarević family offers it all. With 125 beehives, Suada and Ensad Tatarević are among the first producers of royal jelly in central Bosnia. Their products also include a special edition of honey mixed with nettle and pollen.

Wicker bee hives

Bees are particular creatures. Obsessive about making perfect, uniform hexagons of wax, they are equally fussy about the spaces they need to navigate inside their homes. Predrag Trninić made sure his bees had a comfortable home when he brought back to life old hives knitted from rye straw, which make bees feel like in their natural habitat. Predrag is the owner of Pčelinjaci Kraljica, which is located in the village of Topola, near Bosanska Gradiška. They produce various honey products, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and wax. All their products have a special taste because of the wicker beehives they come from.

Interesting honey innovations

Sabina Krivdić is a former journalist. She is well known for innovations in her hometown Visoko. Her honey is recognizable by the fact that it is unfiltered, just the kind she could not find on the market before. She decided to go beyond that and created a variety of honey delicacies such as honey with white and dark chocolate, honey with lavender, walnuts, or in combination with a variety of dried fruits and spices. Sabina recently opened a store with her honey products, named Medni Dućan, thus rounded off the whole story.

We have introduced you to only a few, but there are many more valuable and creative beekeepers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What they all have in common is their commitment to the quality and variety of bee products.  Let's support these hard workers by consuming their amazing products and enrich our summer meals with honey gourmet delicacies.