Trainings in Rogatica, Pale, Jablanica and Tuzla

Later this month, USAID/Sweden FARMA II will, in cooperation with the Administration of BiH for Plant Health Protection, RS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the Association of Agricultural producers Jablanica, Tuzla Cantonal Chamber of Commerce and the Bratunac Regional Advisory Service, organize trainings on sustainability of berry production. Trainings will be held in Jablanica, Tuzla, Pale, Rogatica and Bratunac.

“These trainings are an opportunity for all stakeholders engaged in production, purchase, and placement of raspberries primarily, but also of other berries, to find out about the latest developments and trends in modern production. Results achieved in the production and placement of berries in recent years, especially when it comes to the production and marketing of raspberries, are sufficient proof of the importance and success of these crops," said USAID/Sweden FARMA II project.

Trainings are open for participation, and the first one will be held in the Hall of Rogatica Municipality (Feb 18, at 11h), followed by Feb 19, at 10h in the Pale Municipality Hall, Feb 20, at 11h in the Jablanica Municipality Hall, Feb 21, at 11h in the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce of Tuzla, and on Feb 22, at 10:30h at the premises of the Cultural Center of Bratunac Municipality.

"We invite all those interested to accept our invitation and participate in a program that will ensure future linking of producers in the berry sector, as well as enable more efficient production and sharing of good practices for better results in the year ahead,” concludes USAID/Sweden FARMA II.