A total of 323 participants attended the information session held in Sarajevo on August 17, 2016, regarding the open calls for grant applications from the dairy and berry sectors.

Attendees were welcomed by Mr. Zdravko Marinković, General Secretary of the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber. Mr. Marinkovic said that the berry and dairy sectors have recently recorded some encouraging export results, but the assistance is still needed in capacity building, knowledge base and new technologies.

The acting director of USAID/Sweden FARMA II project Ms. Meriha Manojlovic presented the USD 16.3 million project funded by USAID and the Government of Sweden, and introduced its USD 3.5 million Grant Fund, which aims to increase the competitiveness of the selected agricultural sectors in BiH.

Ms. Manojlovic elaborated on the objectives, process and the technical details related to grant applications. The presentation from this meeting can be downloaded here (available only in B-H-S). After the presentation, Q&A (Questions & Answers) session followed. The minutes from this session can be downloaded here (also available only in B-H-S).

Another presentation of the Grant Fund is scheduled for August 19th in Banja Luka.